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30-90 Days ago

I had my wax session with Tami. First, there was no pre wax cleanser and post wax cooling gel used during the session. This is not my first time waxing my legs, so I definitely know some of the doís and dontís. Second, when she started with the pot before switching to this stick, she used the same exact stick to double dip over and over again. Third, she kept complaining the whole hour about how I should be charged more because I apparently have too much ďhairĒ on my legs. I left the place drenched in baby powder and wax still on my legs. When I got home is when I realized that I still had hair on my legs. She complained sooo much and said I better tip a lot that I literally tipped her 40% of my total, which I definitely wonít do again.🤦🏾‍♀️ I definitely will not go back to her if I decide to go back there. I doubt Iíll go back anyways. i just donít want to be disappointed again. I should have realized not to book her, when she said had a lot of available slots open comparing to the others all week long. She told me to go straight home to take a hot shower, Iím not really supposed to but I had no choice because I had baby powder and wax all over my leg and could not go back outside like that to do the other things I had to do. The first time I ever waxed my legs, it was done by a student at a school and she did wayy better, I was able to go straight to the mall right after and no wax left on me at all. The student also did the pre cleanser and post cooling gel unlike Tami. Also with this session comparing to my last one l, I can already feel the hair growing back as if I shaved instead of waxing and it hasnít even been 24hrs yet. Iím not saying donít go there at all, just choose someone else because my session was a waste of money. Customer service from the front desk was good though.

(Anonymous, 65 days ago)

Older reviews

Just had a great facial with Tami yesterday for my birthday. I've had a facial done by her before and when she finished I had a more youthful look. she has a lot of experience with facial. She is highly recommended. Denise

(Anonymous, 171 days ago)

I had 5 appointments with Jojo for massage therapy. She was amazing and found all my trouble areas. The relief from knots and pain was incredible. I highly recommend Jojo and her magic hands

(Anonymous, 252 days ago)

I want to express my gratitude to Tammy for doing such an amazing job on my face. She is truly an incredible esthetician that has a world of experience. Tammy is really the best at what she does. If you are looking to get a facial that just involves lovely masks... then you are in for a surprise. Tammy gets into the pours and really.... I mean really cleans your face from start to finish. This is a deep facial cleanse that gets rid of white and blackheads. She does it with such care and love (it can be slightly painful at times only because she is getting all the gunk out from under your pours.... but its so worth it). She applies many different masks after depending on your skin type and what you need. Everything is customized to each person. After the facial treatment, my face has never felt so clean before. I am so grateful for an amazing job that she does each time. Prices are very reasonable. Not only do I go, but I also have my teenage kids go to her. Also, my husband had these white spots that were under the skin that no one else wanted or could treat. We went to a dermatologist and they said they could not take care of it. After only two treatments, all the spots were gone thanks to Tammy. She is a real gem. All I know is that I would follow her til the end of the world. I would only go to her no matter where she is. Trust me when I say this... there is no one better than her.

(Anonymous, 354 days ago)

I had my first hair appointment with Nina for Hair color this past Sat. June 16.th 2018 She did a awesome job. Love the color of my hair, and she blow out my hair too!! Great staff I will definitely be back. Thank you again Susan

(Anonymous, 427 days ago)

I walked in for a trim. The salon was so beautiful and clean. The receptionist was welcoming and I had the best shampoo! I loved my cut too! I will definitely be back, thank you Sophia!!

(Anonymous, 559 days ago)

Great experience with Nina at Amoy. She is great with color and cuts and I'm so happy to have found her. Location and ease of parking make this a great salon.

(Tam M., 565 days ago)

So happy to find Sun Yung at Amoy salon! I have been going to her for years for waxing and facials. She is so good at what she does your face and skin will thank you. She is as talented and precise as she is nice.

(Anonymous, 906 days ago)

Jojo is far and away the best massage therapist I've ever had and I have gone to top spas in NYC and Europe! I would recommend her without hesitation. She not only helps me relax (stressful job), she helped get rid of an old chronic lower back issue I had for years. She is caring and genuine and always has a smile. Do yourself a favor and book a massage with her!!

(Anonymous, 911 days ago)

Jojo gives THE BEST massages in the world...and I have had many in all of my travels. And her facials are extraordinary. She is so attentive and focused - not to mention a kind, hard working spirit. I have been seeing her every weekend since the start....which was over 2-3 years ago.

(Anonymous, 911 days ago)

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